it's amazing how much money you can make shoveling back the tide.
but then, there is no honor among consultants (stephenson, the diamond age)



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BOMB Magazine colab /Rick Frankel link

In 2007 I was priviliged to begin work on the redesign of BOMB magazine's web site with my long time programmer partner Rick Frankel. Rick is a genius when it comes to designing web forms to allow the creation of web pages without programming. A custom application was designed to present all of the past BOMB issues on the web.

We are beginning a new year with BOMB, helping develop fresh sources of funding, and further developing their web site. I have known Betsy Sussler, Co-Founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, since my first years in NYC, fresh out of Art School. I left the art world in the mid '90s to work on the web, but BOMB has brought me back. I have found BOMB interviews a real source of inspiration.

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Harris Rothenberg International colab /Rick Frankel
Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence colab /Rick Frankel
Technologic Partners VentureWire colab /Rick Frankel
The Keeley Group, LLC
RS Rosenbaum & Co. colab /Rick Frankel
Credit Lyonnais for /Rick Frankel
for /Rick Frankel
Strategy Communications Action, Ltd.
Priority EAP
HP Marketing Corp.
The Urban Angler
Wall Street Camera colab /Rick Frankel
Aramark Educational Resources for /HRI
The Avocet Portfolio colab /Andrea Callard
PhotoToys colab /Ken Hansen Photographic /Rick Frankel
First Day Foundation for /Hemmings Motor News /Amex /SCA Ltd. /Purpose Networks
National YWCA for /Purpose Networks /SCA Ltd. colab /Rick Frankel
Pets Welcome for /Tangled Web colab /Rick Frankel
Enteractive for /Tangled Web
Global Tribunal for Women for /Purpose Networks /SCA Ltd.
Citicorp for /SCA Ltd. colab /Rick Frankel
BBC Worldwide Americas colab /Marshad
John Kemp Associates for /Purina /Media Two Inc. colab /Hass Murphy.

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Citicorp for /Purpose Networks
The Tangled Web

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Fordham University, Lincoln Center /design and the web

self promotion /web:: for/Geoff Spear (Photo District News award) colab /Rick Frankel
Peter Hossli's website /journalist for /Joe Merlino /consultant for /Allen Goodman

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Avocet Portfolio* /Andrea Callard link
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